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On a trip trough South Africa, we were exposed to the big effects that poverty and gangsterism have on the youth. We learned that skateboarding has the power to break these cycles and serve as a social tool for change.  

Our mission is to give kids in Africa access to skateboarding. We are doing this by collecting skateboards and by developing social projects.  


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Wheels of Change Documentary

Watch Wheels of Change and find out how passionate South African skateboarders are fighting to reverse the effects that poverty and gangsterism have on this new generation.


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Wheels of Change – Trailer

On a journey to give South African street kids access to skateboarding, the Get Your Shit Together crew uncovers the extreme circumstances that these kids grow up in.

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How can you help?

Talent Sponsoring

Talent Sponsoring

Join the Talent Sponsoring Program 
and help many kids  
in South-Africa  

Talent Sponsoring Program

Get Your Shit Together

Get Your Shit Together

Donate your old decks, trucks, wheels
and bearings. We will take them with 
us on our next project in Africa! 




Sponsor one of our young talented skateboarders and positively influence multiple communities in South Africa in a sustainable way. 

Talent Sponsoring Program