Our story


15 years of skateboarding brought us beautiful friendships and memories. It has always been the perfect way to push our limits and make us grow. Skateboarding is an art, a creative expression, a sense of freedom: It’s a MINDSET.

Get Your Shit Together was founded with the same vision: A group of friends that want to have fun, push their limits, grow and inspire others to do the same.



A trip through South Africa got us fascinated about the many western influences and the potential of the country. We also got to learn the downside: Skateboarding is unreachable for the majority of the people. There are facilities to skate, but a skateboard is practically unaffordable. 

Get Your Shit Together makes skateboarding accessible in Africa by giving used skateboards a meaningful second life. 



Jaime Prins

Jaime Prins

For me, Get Your Shit Together is a chance to help others, just by following my passion. My dream is to inspire others to find their purpose and do the same. 

People know me as somebody who likes to take (un)calculated risks. When I have an idea, I’ll go straight at it, without thinking about the limiting factors. When I can imagine something in my head, it will happen. This makes it fantastic to collaborate with Johan, someone who is more thoughtful, rational and consistent. Funny enough, this is something that you can also see in his skate-style. 

Johan Heijman

Johan Heijman

With skateboarding, I’m someone who tries to be consistent. I do the tricks that I know that I actually manage. That is the assurance I create for myself. 

Jaime, on the other hand, is someone who takes big risks with all the effort that it takes. No matter how many falls. If I compare those qualities with our qualities at work, I see a lot of similarities.  Get Your Shit Together challenges me to get out of that comfort zone every time, that we skate even more together and that we can help people who really need it.



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