I finally got my shit together!

The past six months felt like a rollercoaster, but the one without the nauseousness. I really enjoyed the ride. I never thought that travelling would open up my mind like this. Our trip to South Africa, earlier this year, was not only amazing, it was also very meaningful, since two of our best friends got married there. It turned out that they weren’t the only ones who would commit themselves to a higher purpose.

It was only a couple of months ago that Get Your Shit Together was just an idea, just as the name of our brand was just an idea (I’ll come back to that the next time). Co-founder Johan was the first one who got hyped, which got me hyped even more! There were so many things falling into place, that we automatically rolled into the ‘no way back’ mindset.

Things started happening, and, as it turned out, not without a reason.

My perspective at work changed, which SUCKED at first. Later I found out it was the best thing that could happen to me. I wanted to be independent and live a more adventurous, meaningful life and this tough career choice was the answer that the universe gave me (that’s how my mom would say it). I had enough of the rat race. I wanted to create a life I don’t need a vacation from.

I got inspired by people who followed their passion in any life or career choice. It’s the kind of energy that arises when you let go of all limiting and rational beliefs. At the same time, I learned that giving is one of the most amazing things to do. Have you ever gave someone more than they would ever expect? You should try it, just random. I wanted all of this. I had a lot of food for thought. It was a running diner and I just wanted to find the perfect recipe.


We started small. We started pitching our ideas within our network and at local skatestores. Fier, Bonk, Skatestore Rotterdam, Sevenply, Blanco skateboards, they all showed us how close the skateboard-scene actually is. We contacted EVERYONE who we’ve been skateboarding with for the past 15 years, and before we knew it, we had a bunch of used skateboards that filled the trunks of our cars. It literally gave us wood.

Then, Michael showed up, which confirmed to me that coincidence doesn’t exist. I met him at a sales training earlier this year, and his passion for film got me hooked.  An innocent beer at the Scenecs International Film Festival was the foundation of our collaboration. We wanted to strengthen our message, go big, increase awareness and inspire people. The answer for that was being fully transparent, by filming the adventure that is taking place, next January in South Africa. We started by filming an amazing teaser-movie, which was the first test for us to see if we were able to visualize our message.

We grew into an organization, a network of amazing people. We needed a website and had to learn about finance. We wanted to become a movement, a brand that would find their support by ambassadors that share our ideals. And there he was, mr. Pomsy, on RTL Late Night, a guy who has an unbelievable trip ahead of him. Last friday, we celebrated his departure, with a beer of course.

New website

This week, we got our website live, what an amazing feeling. All the plans and ideas that we had in our mind, presented on screen. For that, all credits go to Alex Heijboer. Now we can look for collaboration even more actively. We have 97 days to expand our network with people and organizations who identify themselves with our goal. Are you one of them? You can find out how you can support us right here.

I want to end this post by showing gratitude for all the support that our family, friends and colleagues gave us. We have a challenging plan ahead of us and it is your support what keeps us(along with many South Africans) rolling.