GYST in South Africa

This January, Get Your Shit Together will go to South Africa. During this trip, we will visit some very impressive and varied locations. Kids will get the chance to learn how to skateboard and will fully experience the beauty of the sport.

We will bring 100 complete skateboards. They will be given away,  guided with the essential coaching in skateboarding. For this, we will closely collaborate with the local skatescene, aiming to transfer the full skateboarding experience so we can actually inspire kids to skate.

What can you expect?

Our journey will be exactly what you would expect from a skateboard-trip. We have only added a unique social aspect. The locations are selected to illustrate the enormous contrast between poverty and prosperity. Our goal is to increase awareness, so we can realize more and bigger projects.

A documentary

Film maker and friend Michael van Batenburg will join us for capturing our impact on camera. Expect a documentary with a vision, an adventure and a call to action.

In the upcoming weeks, we will reveal more details of our trip. Follow us on instagram to stay posted.